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Flagstone is one of the best materials for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Flagstone patios also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. The most common types of flagstone used for paving patios are sandstone, slate and limestone. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years.


Benefits of a Flagstone Patio:

  • Natural look

  • Durable

  • Can be laid dry for a permeable surface

  • Moss, grass or a hardy ground cover can be grown between the stones

  • Rich color with natural variation


                      Random Rectangle Pattern


                                            Selecting flagstone in a random rectangle pattern is ideal for creating a formal, organized look. The rectangle shape                                             provides continuity in conjunction with the staggered joints that break up the monotony. When this pattern is                                                     mortared, it makes for a smooth surface for sliding chairs in and out from a dining table.




                      Irregular Pattern or Crazy Paving

                                             For a more casual, organic appearance, an irregular flagstone pattern emphasizes the natural shape of the stone.                                                  Small stones or groundcover are used to fill the gaps, or it can be mortared. This layout may be more difficult to                                                    move patio furniture around on because of the rough stone edges and the series of small joints. Wide, sturdy                                                        wooden furniture is most suitable so that the chair and table legs don’t get stuck between the stones.

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